Saturday, March 2, 2013

Full Body Art - Preschool Style

Painting a picture for Grandma slowly evolved into a hilarious and cute full body experience that I will remember forever.

First, I put my naked 2 1/2 year old into the bathtub with a few squirts of green paint (he was already painted with blue and green from the Grandma art project):

Then I had an idea... butt prints!:

We laughed hysterically the whole time. Especially when the paper got stuck in his crack.

The prints were so distinctive that they had to be turned into something. Behold:


Note: If you decide to try this, choose your type of paint with caution. I don't know much about paint but this stuff (I think it's regular acrylic paint?) slightly stained the tub. But that wont stop me from doing it again!! It's possible that our old cast iron tub just soaks up the color and it wont be a problem for regular fiberglass tubs. Plus, with a major paint project going on I didn't stop long to work on it.

Have fun!

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