Friday, February 1, 2013

My Day (a mom of twin infants and a toddler)

My Day.

Awoken by a toddler
Let him watch YouTube until a baby stirs
Change and feed the baby
The other baby wakes, put him in a swing
Make smoothies for Pax and me
Chug half the smoothie
Change and feed the other baby
Change my clothes while running from a roaring dinosaur
Haul all 3 kids downstairs (my warm up)
Successfully complete 20 min of my 30 min workout video in just under 55 minutes
Finish up by making a car out of Tinker Toys
Haul all 3 kids upstairs (my cool down)
Chug the other half of my smoothie while making snacks
Read books and act out characters
Change 3 diapers
Feed two babies
Bundle up babies and put them in bed
Realize one of them pooped
Change that baby again and put him in bed, both clearly tired but wide awake
Quickly shower
Hear Godzilla attacking the cribs
Stay in shower. As long as I hear crying I know they are still breathing
Console babies while still in towel
Bribe toddler to play quietly somewhere else
Realize the joke's on me
Put babies back in crib
Get dressed
Come out when I hear "Wake up babies! Wake up!"
Get amazed when I see both babies had fallen asleep in the midst of Godzilla; and STAYED asleep when he was pulling their eyelids open.
Sunshine outside. Lets have a picnic.
Bed time yet?
Nope. It's 11:30AM


  1. I want to hear your day in backwards now, then I can picture you running down 10th street in only a nursing bra and spiderman undies.

  2. I will read this everyday because it makes me laugh wildly!! You are a cut up! It will take this humor to get thru these days. Hurray for you, Courtney!!

  3. I'm reading it again because I miss you. All of you. This is really humor at its best. You are a terrific writer. It all comes alive before my eyes.