Friday, September 30, 2011

Purpose, attitude, and chores

The Circumstance
This house is always messy. I want to be able to clean, and not just pick up, but clean. Empty drawers and cupboards, go through old clothes and get rid of items I don't want or need. But I only have time or energy to clean up and no more time or energy to do the project I originally intend to do. Its very frustrating and I feel like I'm in a pig sty all the time, even if its picked up, because I know how much stuff we have and how much we need to get rid of.
I'm thankful for James. He took Paxton out last night and even in just one hour I got so much cleaned up and had the opportunity to go through cupboards. I filled a whole box with items I don't use and I feel so good. I was exhausted to start out with, but I gained energy along the way because it's so exhilarating to be free of my little shadow, who seems to follow me every where I turn and leaves a path of destruction behind him. A wise woman once told me everything I do gets undone; I clean and it gets messy again, I cook and it gets eaten. I need to find something else where I can see results. Someone else said its like stringing a strand of pearls with no knot at the end.

The Word
Proverbs 3:34 Surely He scorns the scornful, but gives grace to the humble.

The Application
Life is all about me, but its not about me at all. I have been called to be a mother right now. In this season of my life I am to be faithful in the small things regarding my home and my husband and my son. And in doing this I am to be humble. That is the part that is all about me. The rest is not about me. Its about glorifying God in all things. When I pick up the toys for the umpteenth time it should be that I am picking up the toys for the Lord, not just for Paxton, and not just for my sake, to have a clean house. When I cook the meals it is to the glory of God, for the Lord, not just out of duty as a housewife. I am no one's slave, I humbly choose to serve the Lord in this manner. For the glory of the Lord, this is why I live.

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